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What to consider when looking into and purchasing medical insurance- The 5 P’s!

December 2017

Whether you’re a one-man business or you’re between jobs, you should never be without the proper insurance benefits. Benefits such as health insurance are essential not only because it is now mandatory but also because it is vitally important to securing the well-being of you and your family and protecting against the loss of hard-earned assets. 

Every individual & families health insurance needs are unique, so use the 5 P’s in your initial evaluation of coverages available to start the conversation.

The 5 P’s of Health Insurance:

1. Physicians

– What Physicians are important to you?

– What other doctor are important to you and how 

do you want to be able to access care with them?

2. Prescriptions

– What prescription medications do you currently 


– How are you currently paying for them now and

how much are they currently costing you?

3. Current Plan

– What are your health care needs now or how

often do you plan to utilize healthcare in the

next year?

– What health plan do you have now?

– What are your current plan costs, copayments,

and coverage details?

4. Other Persons

– Are there other persons who you will need to be

covered with you?

– If so, do they have different healthcare needs

than you or need access to different care?

5. Particulars you desire

– Is there something else specific you or a family

member are looking for in a health plan?

Although they are not all-inclusive and there are other parameters to consider when choosing the right health insurance option, the 5-P’s give you a good point from which to start a conversation about finding a solution!