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Your Employer Benefit Solutions – Our Unique Elevated View – Four Points

After 25 years as an established and trusted employee benefits professional, Michael Young founded MY-Employee Benefits Plus in 2009 with a vision to provide entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses with comprehensive insurance and employee benefits solutions that directly impact their bottom line and create an environment that attracts, engages, and retains exceptional employees.

MY-EBP continues to remain dedicated in taking on our clients’ day-to-day challenges and burdens of designing, implementing, communicating, and managing a viable employee benefits program — one that is measurably extraordinary in performance and continues to improve year after year. We incorporate our unique blend of high touch, hands-on service, harnessed with updated and efficient technologies, to deliver results with real proven ideas, much needed clarity with compliance, and passionate people committed daily to putting our clients’ needs and success above all else.


The Landscape – Demand to Create Maximum ROI from all Core Resources

As a leading broker and advisor for employee benefits, we are committed to delivering solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, and technology-based solutions that enhance our clients’ financial performance, positioning them as an employer of choice.


The Challenge – Maintaining Focus in a Complex and Costly Benefits Environment

At the same time, employee benefits have become more complex and costly, challenging the financial future of your organization and those within it. Your company HR and key executive resources are being redirected and drained by the new demands of this rapidly changing employee benefits industry. Pressure on total benefits cost reduction is also combined with the ever increasing and understandably high expectations of your employees when it comes to accessing choice, clarity through education, and personalization of your employee benefits program.


The Solution – It’s Time to Re-Evaluate, Benchmark, & Retain an Aligned Benefits Partner

MY-Employee Benefits Plus acknowledges that your organization has many choices today in addressing your employee benefit challenges. Your business may even have a solution in place. In today’s rapidly changing employee benefits arena, with increasing cost drivers, new and complex regulation, drain on HR and executive resources, and higher employee expectations, there is no better time to evaluate and benchmark your current solution by incorporating a clear proven process.


The Process – Engaging to Become an Extension of Your Business

MY-Employee Benefits Plus focuses on partnering with businesses like yours to provide a clear proven process that incorporates our unique blend of high touch, hands-on service, harnessed with updated and efficient technologies positioned to deliver results:

  • Benchmark Performance
  • Define & Develop Unique Benefits Strategy
  • Establish Benefits Timeline & Budget
  • Determine Benefit Levels
  • Incorporate Efficient Technology
  • Develop Clear Effective Communication Strategy

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