Executive Benefits

Attract and Foster the Best and Brightest Talent

Secure a Leap of Confidence

The Goal

Running a successful business often depends on recruiting, rewarding, and retaining talented executives and key employees who are committed to a business owner’s goals. In addition to paying an attractive salary, you, the business owner, must offer a competitive benefits package.

The Challenge

Government regulations make it difficult for employers to provide benefits, especially in the retirement area, on a “pick-and-choose” basis. Qualified plans, like 401(k)s must cover a broad group of full-time employees, and if the employer chooses to contribute, amounts often are required to be spread over a broad range of employees uniformly.

The Solution – An Opportunity

Designing an Executive Benefits plan that aligns the goals of your organization with your key executives or top talent can address these challenges.

MY-EBP’s expertise in Executive Benefits provides our corporate clients, owners, and executives with solutions in succession, retention, reward, and supplemental benefit programs. Our clients know the importance of seeking guidance with customized advisory services that provide highly specialized benefits and insurance solutions to compensate their key people.

Our Executive Benefits expertise includes the following areas:

  • Non-qualified Retirement Plans (deferred compensation/SERP)
    • Deferred Compensation Plans provide executives additional opportunities for pre-tax deferral into a retirement program
    • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans are intended to supplement a qualified plan and are typically designed to provide future benefits to an executive or business owner in the event of retirement, death, or disability, as well as a paired funding technique for buy-sell agreements.
  • Executive Bonus Plans – using tax-preferred vehicles to structure various ways to provide additional bonuses to key executives and top performing employees.
  • Supplemental or carve-out life and disability insurance plans
  • Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Plan Strategies (COLI)
  • Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plan Techniques (Cost Sharing Arrangements)
  • Additional Business Succession and Continuity Strategies
  • Plan design consulting
  • Service provider analysis and negotiations
  • Participant communications and education
  • Plan implementation and management
  • Plan administration, recordkeeping, and reporting